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the keto bakery box


I absolutely love this keto bakery. I order everything from
them from the dinners to the bagels to the cheesecake to
the cookies. I've never had any issues with anything I've
bought, it's all incredibly delicious, better than any keto
place out there by miles!
The best part about this place is their honesty about making sure all of their items are 100% keto and they include nutritional labels and ingredients list so you know exactly what you're eating especially if you're on a strict keto diet plan.
This place has helped me get super quick dinners planned out so I never have to worry after really stressful days about what I'm going to eat. Thank you so much keto bakery box!

Susan R.

0mmmggggg !!!!!! I don't do keto but wanted to try low carb desserts for the holidays I ordered cookies and the chocolate donut which are meant to be for tomorrow for thanksgiving but I just couldn't resist and I had to take a bite of the donut and omg it is so much better than regular donuts.

I am obsessed and even happier knowing it's low carbs keto I have yet to try the cookies but if they are as
good as the donut omg! I will definitely be buying again. I
love how they have the nutritional information and also use monk fruit as the sweetner .also customer service is amazing.
Best of all after I finished eating it I didn't get that crash and sugar cravings I normally get with regular donuts.

Rosie M.

While many people claim their products are keto and really
aren't...not so here!! Sari and The Keto Bakery Box are the
real deal!!! So many positives...taste, texture, visual appeal.
packaging and price point and I almost forgot, a face behind
the name that is not only knowledgeable but sweet and kind.
I have yet to find anything that I didn't like. I started with the
Kentucky butter cake and I was hooked. Cookies, bagels,
pizza and I could go on and on. Ordering and pickup are so
easy. What are you waiting for??? You will not be

Linda C.